Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions to use site


Saleproo belongs to the Thohal Technology and owns the system and based on the subscriber’s desire to subscribe and activate the system, he may acknowledge that he has read and agreed to the following full terms :

Subscription fees:

The subscriber is obliged to pay the annual subscription fees on time for the subscription for each year from the date the account is activated *All amounts paid are not refundable after activating the system. In the event of a refund request before activation, the administrative fee of 10% of the total amount is deducted.  

Internet service availability: 

One of the requirements for obtaining all Saleproo services is connecting (device / devices) to the internet, and the subscriber is obligated to connect the device (devices) to the internet, and in the event that (device / devices) is not connected to the internet, we do not bear any responsibility for that.
We may update these terms from time to time by posting a new copy on our website. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you understand any changes to these terms, and we may notify you of changes by e-mail or through the private messaging system on our site.

The subscriber knows that he has no right to use the services of Saleproo in any project that violates Islamic law or violates the provisions and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  
The subscriber agrees to use and place his trademark on the website, and its use is only because the subscriber is a saleproo customer.

Maintaining  the confidentiality of information: 
The subscriber acknowledges and agrees that all confidential information that Saleproo provides to him will remain a private intellectual property of Saleproo, and the subscriber acknowledges the commitment and preserving the rights of Saleproo and the confidentiality of their data and not leaking it to any party, regardless of it without an official written permission from a governmental or international authority with Let us know. The subscriber acknowledges being informed and informed of the website's privacy policy. The subscriber declares that he has seen all the details of the provided service, its prices and methods of using it, and that he is not entitled to resell or assign the service to others except with the written consent of us and that he is responsible for it before the official authorities.