Accounting System     

One of the best systems that we provide is accounting which offers numerous merits such as invoicing through which you can create work bills and follow payment track easily.  You can also continue to retrieve bank files or synchronize your bank accounts with your bank, and through this system you can manage your bills and expenses in order to determine what to be paid in the future, and other indispensable services such as: -

-  Electronic invoicing and automated receivables relay and easy sending alerts to debtors

-  Create electronic reports easily and other lists such as

    (Income– budget – cash flow)

- The ability to connect our system with other systems such as
(expenses – inventories – sales – POS) 

Sales System

Our system is distinguished with flexibility as you can send through its prices offer alongside available payment methods through the internet. Hence, you can make more deals and get more  profit. You can also use this system to design attractive price offers to get more sales. Our system also offers the following: -

- Convert bids into justified sales actions through you or through a customer's request

-  Registration of contracts and tracking of the stages of the invoicing as well as the providing periodic subscriptions.

-  Provide these features directly to the customers so they choose what suits them and make an electronic transaction to complete what they want

-  Our selling system  allows merging with other systems such as ( e-Commerce and accounting) 

Purchasing System (Suppliers)

This system aims to change the purchasing process into automatic system by sending price offers to suppliers automatically. Moreover, purchasing rules can be set in accordance with the available stock. It has also become available to set the suitable time to make the purchasing process through importing suppliers list and making the decision based on the offers and quantities available. Many merits are also available in the purchasing system such as: -

-  Get the best purchase offers by bidding for purchases, and make pre-agreements to take advantage of reduced prices as long as possible

- Preparing reports about the nature of suppliers and analyzing their methods of work to achieve future benefits.

- Getting accurate statistics about your procurement including delivery time, prices, and quantities.

- You can merge this system with other supporting systems such as (Accounting and inventory)

Inventory System

You can estimate the stock of the inventories through this system accurately. You can also track the available quantities and auto dispatch based on the stock's movement. Thus,  you can provide exactly what you want while ensuring that the quantity placed in the warehouses does not run out . Inventory system also provides some supporting means such as: -

- Direct shipping

- Direct cross-docking for  warehouse entry

- Various inventory systems and merging between them

- Inventory Tracking feature through double-entry system

- The ability to merge between many supporting systems as (sales – purchasing – accounting) 

Points of Sales (POS)

POS system supports shops, pharmacies, and restaurants. A permanent clients base can be formed and more effectively promote for the products and services provided.  Through POS, you can stay in touch with your clients  safely and continuously in order to provide your services flexibly. The system has many merits such as: -

- Managing purchases periodically and tracking the stock in order to get accurate anticipations.

- The system is compatible with all devices and systems such as machines, computers, and iPads.

- Easy-to-use interface which displays products and clients' list

- Different payment methods to facilitate the process for our clients in addition to invoicing merit. 

Expenses System

Managing expenses has become easier and faster through this system as you can review any kind of expenses and where they have been spent. You can also review all the details related to expenses and easily manage all of it to set its limits in order to keep the framework. This system abounds with many wonderful merits such as:

-  Recording the company's expenses in general and reviewing bills and payments.

-  Follow up expenses approved by managers and officials and review it quickly.

- Allocate and differentiate employee entitlements within expenses

- the ability to merge the application with several other subsystems which support it

Website System

Nowadays, the world can't do without technology, and launching a website for your company means more opportunities. Therefore, we provide you the opportunity to get the best use of this system and reach you clients easily. You just have to choose what suits your company's activity and put the most important and inclusive information about your company. Launching your website grants you many merits, some of which are:

- Get benefited from your website's visitors as they may be your future clients.

- Designing a website that suits your company's activity to spread your services on larger scales.

- Marketing tools that boast your website in order to be on the top results of the search engine.

- You can also support your website with many different applications that make you closer to your clients.



On launching your e-Commerce, you will be able to be on track with your stock and what is being displayed concerning your products easily. In order to manage your establishment flexibly, we provide you different designs that suit the nature of your company's activity as the system has an easy-to-use interface to manage the store and add products. In addition, you can display your products attractively to grab your visitors' attention. All in all, E-store abounds with numerous merits that will bring you many benefits in return such as:

- Flexible and easy-to-use interface

- Displaying products professionally, and the perk of reviewing the stock automatically

- Boost sales through e-marketing and fast customer access.

-  Multiple means of payment and payment on an instant basis, as well as means of shipment.

- The ability to merge the store with other systems such as (sales- website)

Delivery System

This system allows you to deliver products and services to your beneficiaries, in a manner that enables you to know shipping details momentarily until arrival and receipt, and that ensures you save time and effort, as well as high quality. With this system you can get many features such as:


- The ability to track shipments momentarily up to the time of arrival.

- Providing different means of delivery that contribute to the organization's business.

- The ability to merge the store with other subsystems .


Maintenance System

Maintenance is a support system to help plan maintenance, and it also measures the average time wasted on faults, as well as repair times, and provides accurate statistics on the times at which failures are expected. All in all, it's an efficient system that is indispensable for the organization to keep the workflow running. The system also has many features that improve the operation such as:


- Calculate accurate statistics to help plan maintenance.

- The system is a scheduling tool for organizing maintenance intervals and for predicting downtime.

- It has a positive influence on increasing the efficiency of the tools upon which the establishment depends.

- The ability to be merged with other systems that suits maintenance.


An effective customer tracking tool that tracks your organization's potential clients, analyzes the nature of the client to get accurate expectations, and keeps you in touch with your existing clients to maintain business activity through instant messaging. The system has features that are essential, such as:


- An easy and wonderful design that covers all the details

- The ability to be merged with close systems such as: (invoicing- sales)

- Allows you to track the past activities to estimate all the clients' details and get perfect results.

- Gives you accurate estimations about expected sales through analyzing clients' data


A time-saving and effort-saving tool that provides all the information about your business developments. Comprehensive reports include accurate organizational statistics such as expense reports, sales, and forecasts based on workflow analysis across all its different branches. We can outline the features of comprehensive reporting below


-  A comprehensive tool to follow up work details from every angle.

- The ability to be merged with other systems flexibly

- Get accurate and comprehensive statistics about the work system. 


A dedicated tracking system for company's transport means. It contains a comprehensive management system through which the workflow of transport can be organized. Moreover, vehicle leasing can be supervised through the system and also applying contracts and monitoring changes periodically. Its features also include comprehensive monitoring of assignments, comprehensive reporting of work, and a number of features such as:


- Easily managing vehicles and means of transport.

- Receiving notification messages to follow up contracts and details of car leasing related to your establishment.

- Keep an eye on all the costs and prepare comprehensive reports on the workflow

- The ability to be merged with other supporting systems flexibly such as (expenses- e-stores)


Promotion System

The promotion system is a distinct mechanism for making bid reductions that do not affect the workflow by accurately calculating sales and expense statistics. It's a good way to promote and bring more customers, and has many mechanisms that make it easier to use and apply in line with business strategies, and features such as:


- an effective way to promote business and bring more potential customers.

-  It's not done randomly but according to accurate statistics

- The ability to be merged with other systems flexibly